The Diode soft tissue laser is a cutting-edge technology employed by our dentists and team to enhance the precision and efficacy of various oral health procedures while minimizing post-treatment recovery time. This versatile tool finds applications in a wide range of dental procedures, revolutionizing the way we deliver care.

Common uses for the Diode soft tissue laser include:

  • Periodontal treatments, such as gingivectomies and crown lengthening
  • Performing frenectomies (tongue- and lip-tie treatments)
  • Treating cold and canker sores
  • Uncovering impacted teeth
  • Removing damaged gum tissue
  • Recontouring the gum line
  • Facilitating lesion removal
  • Performing oral tissue biopsies
  • Oral surgery procedures

Furthermore, the Diode laser can serve broader healthcare needs such as treating sleep apnea, aiding nerve regeneration, aiding dental implant recovery, benign tumor removal and teeth whitening treatments.

Utilizing the Diode soft tissue laser offers numerous advantages. It provides enhanced control during procedures, ensuring precise and effective treatment. Patients benefit from reduced treatment time, minimized bleeding, lower infection risk and minimal damage to adjacent tissues. Remarkably, the Diode laser can often be used without the need for anesthesia, though options for anesthetic and sedation are available should you need or want them. Additionally, this technology operates quietly, emitting only a gentle hum as opposed to the loud noises typically associated with traditional dental instruments.

For more information about the Diode soft tissue laser in Jersey City, New Jersey, or to arrange a consultation with Dr. Sushma Halthore or Dr. Rashi, contact Grove Dental Center at 201-200-0222 and speak with a member of our team. Your wellbeing and comfort are our top priorities, and we are dedicated to delivering the highest standard of care using state-of-the-art technology like the Diode soft tissue laser.

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