Here at Grove Dental Center, we believe in ensuring that you never need to wait to receive a high-quality restoration. Our practice features state-of-the-art™ technology, which works to provide same-day dental crowns so that you can regain your smile more quickly. These crowns are made from high-grade zirconia, ensuring a natural and aesthetic final result as well as giving you a crown that is highly durable and which will help you enjoy your smile for years to come.

Traditionally, patients have had to endure the inconvenience of two separate appointments to receive dental crowns. Thanks to the CAD/CAM technology, this inconvenience is a thing of the past. Our skilled dentists and team now possess the capability to craft and install your dental crown in a single, streamlined visit. This innovative approach saves you precious time and also eliminates the need for multiple trips to our office to restore your smile.

Your journey to a newly rejuvenated smile begins with an advanced imaging system that captures a digital impression of your teeth and mouth. From this digital blueprint, Dr. Sushma Halthore or Dr. Rashi can meticulously design and mill a custom dental crown in a matter of minutes. The result is a remarkably efficient process that allows you to leave our office with a revitalized smile after just one visit.

Your same-day crown procedure will involve:

  • A thorough dental examination
  • Precise removal of weakened, decayed or damaged tooth material
  • The capture of digital images of your mouth
  • Conversion of the captured images into precise 3D models
  • Designing and fabricating your restoration
  • Milling your crown from tooth-colored zirconia material
  • Bonding your new crown into place

We welcome you to call us at 201-200-0222 today to schedule a consultation with our skilled dentists and learn more about same-day dental crowns in Jersey City, New Jersey!

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